In case of a medical emergency on the Golf Course, please call 000, and also advise the Pro Shop on (08) 8270 2208, or the Office on (08) 8270 2300.

For Emergencies in the Clubhouse, please immediately advise any staff member as well as calling 000.

An Automatic Emergency Defibrillator is available in the Bar (08) 8270 2300 Option 1. Please ask the Bar staff to assist. This device is automatic and can be used by anyone to save a life if someone is suspected of experiencing a heart attack.

Publically accessible Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) help save more lives. For every minute that someone is in cardiac arrest without CPR or defibrillation, their chances of surviving decrease by 10%, so the sooner someone receives help, the higher their chance of survival. 

The three important steps to restart a heart are: